Wild Singing Workshops

Jonny Fifield – President of CAPP (Counselors & Psychotherapists in Private Practice)  I attended a recent CAPP ‘Wild Singing’ workshop with Tallulah and found it be very moving and powerful. It was the first time I had been to a Qi Gong singing workshop and the experience was very spiritual, nurturing and healing. As a group we all sang openly and freely and there was a serene feeling to it that felt very nourishing and healing. I highly recommend attending a singing workshop with Tallulah. 

Joshua Clement – Soul Stretch Events It is a real pleasure to have Tallulah as part of our Nature Nurture Healing Crew. Her magical sound healing, Wild Singing Workshops and Meditation Classes were extremely well received and many came back for more. Her naturally calm and healing energy is addictive and a must have for every event!’. 

Sonia Inorbit Tallulah is a vocal magician and will not only coax out of you your inner voice but will leave you surprised and delighted at what you can do. In my first session, I was amazed to find that I not only can sing but can sing in harmony! In my second session, I found myself singing harmonies in soprano (my voice is normally rather deep). Tallulah holds the space in such a way that you feel utterly supported and safe to experiment, let go and discover the joy of your own voice. 

Trish Taylor – Life Retreat Centre ‘I can’t wait to do another Wild Singing workshop with you! 

Nicola Ley “After being in Tallulah’s wonderful workshops I found the courage to sing solo and A Capella – Her workshop was so supportive, caring and gentle. I learnt techniques to protect and ground myself.”

Andy Raingold “Tallulah, thanks so much for the workshop. What a combo! It really worked. Amazing.”

Rosalind J Turner ~ www.braveryschool.org  “Tallulah manages to build bridges and inspire young and old alike.  Participants are invited into exploring their own voice at their own pace, and before they know it, they are experiencing their first collective improvisation!  She brings a great combination of knowledge of her craft, playfulness and a kind approach.”


Sound Baths

Tom Macleod ‘Tallulah’s sound healing workshop was a real present for my soul. Not knowing what to expect, the space was impeccably held, with Tallulah bringing both a clearness and friendly warmth throughout. The Qi Gong helped wake up my body and restore its energy current within. The toning was a great opportunity to sing in all its rawness and vulnerability. During the gong bath the sound of the gongs and crystal bowels reverberated through my entire being, connecting myself to deeper levels of my being. And Tallulah’s voice – what a voice! Such beautiful and blissful, melodic singing… what a treat!’

Lisa Williams ‘I’ve been to one session & I can honestly say, hand on Heart, that I was able to dive deep to an inner place that resounded with that long~forgotten & often longed~for place of my Soul. Tallulah holds a safe & magical place for inner~transformation to seed. If you’re living anywhere within traveling distance of FROME, make this a regular pilgrimage’


Sound Journey Meditations & 1-2-1 Sound Therapy Sessions

Vaishnavi Brassey ‘I was stunned by the simple power of sound to bring me so fully out of stress/anxiety and into a place of calm centeredness.’

Annadina Tallulah is a gifted and intuitive healer who brings great love & insight to her work”.

Sophie Bolton There’s a magic to Tallulah’s Sound Bath sessions that I can’t quite describe, except being left with a profound sense of softness in my body which felt beautiful. After the session, I enjoyed receiving the present moment more fully, less in my head and more in my heart. I felt reassured by her presence, the way she brought us in and then out of the sound journey, knowing that something very special happened in between!”

Anita TurnerA subtle but deep transcendental experience. “


Song-Writing Workshops

Helen Phillips ‘I had never been to a singing workshop before, but having seen you as a performer I thought I would give it a try, you were so engaging, encouraging and as a very self conscious singer I found I could sing my heart out with such joy, it was a beautiful workshop, thank you for sharing your gift’

Robin ‘I joined in a Rise Up Singing workshop with Tallulah last summer to experiment with some songwriting ideas I had. Although I am a complete novice at songwriting and was daunted by what might be required of me, the experience was unique. From gentle bodywork, and breathing, we were invited to just go with a stream of conscious ramblings that led us walking outside to gather rhythmic ideas and patterns. It was a fast and inspiring process and led to some surprising and unexpected creative ideas. Some of us completed songs after only two sessions. Tallulah held us in a very loving and open hearted space where our ideas could be shared without judgement. I would do it all again!’

SofiaWith Tallulah’s Qi Gong and Creative Expression workshops, I am always inspired to bring the tools she offers home into my daily life. I really appreciate her intuition to help me drop into my body and express my voice, it is so completely inspiring and life giving!”

Jo I immediately felt welcomed by Tallulah’s warm and healing presence and with that I felt safe to explore my own unique expression. I love the pace in which Tallulah delivers her workshops, she creates space to digest and reflect on the gems she shares. I left her workshop feeling confident, capable and connected. I love this woman. I highly recommend her!”

Qi Gong Classes

Antonia Bolingbroke-kent –‘I’d never tried qi gong before I went to Tallulah’s class and I absolutely loved it! She’s a superb teacher and I felt both incredibly relaxed yet energised at the end of each class.’