The Liminal (2019) (Download)


THE LIMINAL – listen to full album below

“Seamlessly weaving her otherworldly sacred sounds into an electronic landscape, Tallulah has created an album of euphoric songs, designed to inspire the body to move and the heart to heal.”  Natalie Fee, award-winning environmental campaigner & Founder of City to Sea

Tallulah has a wonderful voice.” Dame Shirley Bassey OBE

‘Tallulah Rendall is that rare, precious discovery of 2019 – a rock ‘n’ roll singer-songwriter of substance with the heart of a lioness. She’s independent, rooted in nature and gloriously feline, as you can experience from her sensuous Bond girl, gold catsuit!

Tallulah is a multi-layered performance artist to adopt, to get excited about and to champion. She’s a singer with the power, lyricism, authenticity, and ability to transport an audience through her voice, magical sound immersion, and sheer musicality.’Ethical Hedonist Magazine

Co-produced with acclaimed Berlin producer Aaron Ahrends, The Liminal reflects the liminal space Tallulah draws on to create, inspired by her study and practice of sound healing and meditation, as shared in her 2016 TEDX talk Accessing Creativity through the Creation of Space Within. Drawing on her recent four-year journey of love, loss, trust and the courage to transform, the album’s collection of anthemic melodies and lyrical content was designed to inspire and heal, supported by the powerful reverberations of her gongs and Himalayan singing bowls.

Tallulah explains: “The ‘Liminal’ is an energetic, unquantifiable space which I attune to when I meditate or create. My deepening relationship with this connection has enriched my life and inspired me to believe in our human capacity to live an expansive life in harmony with ourselves, the planet we live on and each other. It is my passion to inspire and support this awakening in others through sound and creativity.





Letting Go

Rest In The Shadows

Holding Onto Love

Field Of Mirrors

Leap Of Faith

All In You

Open Up Your Eyes

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