The Banshee and the Moon (2014) (Vinyl)


Tallulah’s 3rd Crowd Funded Album

Album: ‘The Banshee And The Moon’

Released: 6th June 2014

Recorded: Osea Island

Produced by: Danton Supple

Formats: Download, Limited Edition Hardback Book & Gatefold Vinyl


Producer Danton Supple: “Working with Tallulah was a privilege and a pleasure. The breadth of her vocals along with the passion of her delivery was always inspiring and to have had her play so many of the instruments brought a real focus to the songs. She’s a natural performer, whether in front of one person or an arena, and really deserves success in this industry.”

 “More than just music, The Banshee and the Moon is an inspiration, a concept, a way of living.’ Music News

“Tallulah Rendall’s creativity explodes in ‘The Banshee and the Moon” Penny Black Music

“This is a uniquely stylish release, and yes, not only does it sound great with plenty of presence, but, importantly, it also succeeds in conveying Tallulah’s integrity and imagination through a truthful musical and visual depiction of her essence as a creative artist, much more than just a singer-songwriter.” David Kidman

“Ferociously talented singer songwriter” thelondonword


12″ Gatefold Vinyl sponsored by Rodney Higgins in memory of his brother Alex. Cover photography by Akio.  Inside artwork by Serena Bolton



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