Holding Onto Love – Be The Change



BE THE CHANGE – New music video gives clarion call to prevent plastic pollution

“Say no to single-use plastic, say yes to the future”


Together with Bristol-based environmental campaigning organisation City to Sea, singer-songwriter and sound therapist Tallulah Rendall has created a thought-provoking music video for Holding onto Love: Be the Change https://youtu.be/mGvsOZ-hjAc the second single from her new album, The Liminal, released April 2019.


Feeling a symbiotic connection to City to Sea and their mission to prevent plastic from littering the world’s oceans, Tallulah welcomed the opportunity to collaborate, as she explains:


City To Sea invite each of us to explore our own relationship with plastic and environmental awareness through campaigning for policy and behavioural change.  I love the rawness, heartfelt and sometimes even playful approach they use to engage us with this conversation.  Personally, I feel passionate about supporting systemic change in our individual and collective relationship to both plastic and the environment. I believe in music’s ability to inspire change and if I can add my creative voice to something as vital as City To Sea’s mission and help more people engage with protecting our wildlife, rivers and seas then that is both an honour and a privilege.”

Holding Onto Love – Be The Change

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