Alive (2011) (Download)


Produced by: Tristen Ivemy

Label: Transducer Records

Recorded: ‘Live’ at Hookend Studios

Release Format: Digital & CD/Book Combo

‘A great album’ Jools Holland

‘Miss Rendall’s album is an impressive collaborative feat’ iD

‘A soaring and mesmerizing vocal presence combined with theatrical prowess lying second to none is the centre piece of an incredibly special body of work.’ James Blake

‘Songs rise into soaring, expansive climaxes with Tallulah’s voice a mesmerising constant. The music is ethereal yet powerful, delicate yet vociferous in its insistent, intricate and beautifully orchestrated sound. The album brings to mind musical influences from Patti Smith & Jeff Buckley to Martha Wainwright.’ Uncut


Limited Edition CD/Book release

The CD comes in a beautiful hardback book, which tells the story behind the writing and recording of ‘Alive’ as well as Tallulah’s visual collaborations.

She chose a dozen friends and sent them each an album track as a piece of inspiration for an exclusive piece of artwork. Collaborators include Kilford, The Music Painter who has painted alongside the likes of Iggy Pop. The writer Danae Brook who wrote a mini play inspired by the song ‘Go Bathe In The Light’. Performance artist Amy Richardson-Impey, Jewellery Designer Bex Rox, Photographer Charles Moriarty, Artist Beshlie McKelvie, Film Animators – Jelly Brain Productions, Artist Gray Jolliffe, Photographer Nilu Izadi and one of Britain’s principal sculptural artists Andrew Logan.


Extracts from the Limited Edition Book




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